Temple Gym clothing, incorporating the British way of life, strength, tenacity and persistence, symbolized by the Bulldog originally derived from the streets of Birmingham in 1965 when a small basement gym known as Temple Gym started to make their own range of clothing for their members.

The clothing style became popular really fast around the world when Dorian Yates, the 6-time Mr Olympia took over the small gym in 1985, whom solely started to use the basement gym for his own training and started to craft cloths for himself and for other gym goers. As the popularity of fitness and bodybuilding started to grow, so did the temple gym brand,quickly, people globally started to wear the Temple Gym brand to the gym. In 2018 An opportunity came Jimi’s way whilst working for Dorian Yates doing some part time duties. Staying with Temple Gym for several years, leaving in the pursuit of purpose and fulfillment, following and learning as much as he could from mentors such as Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn.
When Temple Gym was taken over in 2018 by Jimi, it was decided to start selling clothing that represented the Temple Gym brand to appeal to everyone not just bodybuilders, but for everyone that wanted exclusive and exquisite luxury fabrics and timeless lasting quality cloths that were made to withstand the test of time.


It has resulted in the newly created sub brand called TMPL (TEMPLE) which was inspired by fitness, lifestyle, and street wear fashion. Every TMPL product is produced with the passion and craftsmanship from skilled artisans that brings each and every garment to life.
Starting with a small budget with high expectations and inspirations, TMPL is focused on using high end luxury fabrics that has been specifically designed and made for the people to make you feel comfortable, warm, and feeling exclusive.
Our ethical and sustainable sourced fabric has been woven from scratch and unique for every product we make, all our fabrics are sourced from families with exceptional craftsmanship, with a focus on producing the best quality.

We would love you to join us on our journey, to be a part of our cult status that is